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Expert mortgage service for buying property in the Balearics and the rest of Spain.

Why use a mortgage broker ?

The offer of different mortgage products in Spain has increased considerably

It isn´t easy to understand and compare the different offers, which can vary greatly between one bank and another. A correct decision could mean significant savings at the beginning and over the life of the mortgage.

An experienced broker helps oversee the entire purchase process and negotiates with the different banks, taking into account the interests of the client.

Realize your dreams

How BMS works to help you:

  • At BMS , we speak your language, giving confidence that you will be fully understood: English, Deutsch and Español

  • Sometimes you cannot get on without help, especially in a foreign country.

  • We make the purchase process easier so that it is less time-consuming for you and less of a headache.

We offer you a tailor-made financial solution to suit your needs in 3 steps:

Market research:

Being up to date on all policies and mortgage practices, we work with many lending institutions also international ones so that our clients have a wide range to choose from, and we ensure that we will find the best service for you.

Examine your possibilities:

We will clearly explain the best options available to suit your needs.

Making the mortgage process clear

We will help you every step of the way to acquire your dream property using our experience.

Frequently asked questions

What are the main types of mortgages in Spain?

In the past, the majority offered were variable rate mortgages but now there are actually a number of products on the market and, therefore, BMS will discuss your requirements with you before recommending a suitable product.

Should I appoint a lawyer?

We strongly recommend that you appoint a lawyer who will ensure that all the necessary checks are carried out on the property.

How much can I borrow?

The lenders will decide this after checking your personal and financial profile. But, in general, the LTV is about 60–70% of the purchase price or the taxation of the property for non-residents.

How much will it cost to buy a property in Spain?

There are taxes, deed costs and sometimes bank charges when purchasing a property. At the moment, a general guide is 10-12% of the declared purchase price.

How long does it take?

The timescales depend on the banks but, usually, the whole process can take between 8 and 10 weeks to complete if there are no complications.

So what is the next step?

Contact us for an initial chat to find out how we can help you to sort out the best mortgage for your property purchase.

You still have not found a suitable property?

Please contact us.

Where does BMS operate ?

BMS is focused in mortgage service in Ibiza and in Mallorca but also cover the rest of Spain

Bettina Lorenz, official mortgage broker in Ibiza, registered in accordance with EU standard 2014/17 / EU in the register of the Spanish central bank under entry D187.

Having studied economics and having worked for over 8 years in the retail banking sector in Germany, Bettina moved over to the Balearic lslands in 1996.
Since landing on the island about 20 years ago, she has worked in the real estate sector and, for a short period, with a law firm in lbiza.

This has provided her with a great understanding of the Spanish legal and administration systems.
Between 2003 and 2016 Bettina has accompanied international clients through the mortgage process working as personal advisor in Deutsche Bank S.A.E. in Ibiza and also during 3 years as branch manager in an important British mortgage bank in Spain (Ibiza).

During this period of time, she has created her network of contacts, working closely with many tax advisors, Iawyers and notaries of the Balearic lslands. Even ínternational banks, tax consultants and international lawyers have found Bettina to be an important contact when dealing with mortgages in the islands.

Bettina founded bms at the beginning of 2016 and has successfully created an important client portfolio.

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Frau Lorenz hat mich mit fundiertem Wissen und ganz viel persönlichem Engagement auf dem Weg zu einer Hypothek mit perfekten Konditionen routiniert begleitet. Die Zusammenarbeit war von Anfang an bis zur notariellen Unterschrift geprägt von Ihrer Professionalität und gegenseitigem Vertrauen. Ich kann die Arbeit von Frau Lorenz ohne jegliche Einschränkung weiterempfehlen.

Constanze Müller

“At Prestige Properties, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Bettina on several occasions. She is very professional, responsive and always puts clients first. We would not hesitate for a second to recommend her again to any of our future clients.” Prestige Properties Ibiza

Prestige Properties Ibiza

“Bettina has been a pleasure to work with. Quick to understand our needs, responsive to our queries and efficient in moving things forward. We are very pleased with the outcome of the negotiations”

Yvette Torres

We were advised to use BMS for mortgage arrangements and was introduced to Bettina Lorenz. She is so professional and helpful, also her contacts and knowledge of “how things work in Ibiza” is invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any Purchaser. Great job

Edward Adams

I think your service is extremely professional, helpful and supportive. And your service’s fee is also very fair in comparison with the higher fees of other intermediaries. It is really worth it.  

Peter Baumann

Ich bedanke mich von ganzem Herzen für Ihre tolle Leistung! Wir hätten nicht gedacht, dass Sie den Kredit bei meiner doch weit verzweigten, internationalen und komplizierten finanziellen Gebarung so gut aufbereiten können und zu einem positiven Abschluss bringen. Man ist bei Ihnen in wirklich guten Händen, weiter so!
Vielen Dank!

Dr. Norbert Nowak

Our experience in Mallorca last year was that some intermediary first say that it will be easy to arrange a mortgage for us but only to let us down after many weeks of wasted time and BMS were the only company able to find a mortgage for us. Fortunately we found you in the internet. Could not have bought the flat in Mallorca without your exceptional service & delivery from the neighbour island of Ibiza. I certainly will recommend your services to anyone I hear looking for a mortgage. Thank you, Bettina!

Elizabeth and George Scott

BMS is absolutely recommendable. Without Bettina, we would never have been able to buy our house in Ibiza. After a mainland broker assured us that we can not get any finance from the banks without a “cedula de habitabilidad” (and all this three month after having contacted him), the real estate agency recommended Bettina to us. It took exactly four weeks for her to have the mortgage approved and the valuation report ready. We are infinitely grateful to her.

Bertus en Annemieke de Vries

Ich würde BMS ohne zu zögern jedem Käufer empfehlen. Die Geschäftsführerin Frau Lorenz hat sich als professionell, engagiert und äußerst hilfsbereit erwiesen. Zu jeder Zeit hat sie meine E-Mails und whats-apps beantwortet, selbst an den Wochenenden und über die Osterfeiertage. Mit ihr war der gesamte Ablauf entspannt und zügig. Vielen Dank,

Ann-Kathrin Dahme

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